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what size air compressor do i need

Purchasing Guide

Why purchase an Air Compressor?

PowerMate Buying GuidePowerMate Buying GuideCompressed air is one of the most adaptable and valuable types of vitality accessible. Subsequently, an air blower is one of the best and cost proficient bits of gear you will ever claim. With an air blower you can finish your development, support, car fix, leisure activity, and specialty extends quicker than with customary instruments.

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Air instruments last more

Air instruments have variable speed and torque control

Inadvertent air spills discharge no contaminants

High proportion of capacity to weight in air instruments adds to low administrator weakness

Air instruments run cooler - they don't produce heat in performing work

Air devices have no fire danger and no electric stun potential contrasted with electric instruments

There are two stages while picking an air blower:

Step #1. Figuring out where you will utilize the blower

Step #2. Deciding your capacity prerequisites

Stage 1 - Determining where will you utilize your blower

Air blowers are accessible in a few unique sorts. The two principle types are versatile and fixed, every ha favorable circumstances and burdens.

Versatile Compressors

Versatile blowers are only that, compact. They give you the adaptability to have compacted air anyplace. Convenient blowers are regularly utilized for exercises that run from swelling athletic gear and expanding pneumatic beds to driving pneumatic nailers and effect torques.

Fixed Compressors

Fixed blowers don't move from site to site. They are bigger and normally offer more force then a compact blower. To some degree this is a result of the expanded tank size. The bigger the tank size the more noteworthy the volume of air being put away, which implies more put away cubic feet. The more cubic feet that are put away the simpler it is for a blower siphon to convey and keep up CFM's at the ideal PSI.

While picking your blower you ought to likewise consider the force source you requirement for running it. Air blowers can be controlled by either an electric engine or a gas motor. Adding a gas motor to run a blower gives you the opportunity to have packed air basically anyplace. These sorts of blowers are ordinarily utilized at building locales where power isn't promptly accessible. While including a gas motor gives you greater adaptability to where it very well may be utilized the motor increases the general size/weight which may lessen the capacity to ship the unit. Some self-controlled temporary worker blowers have a "push cart" style making them simpler to move. Likewise accessible is a truck mounted, gas controlled blower for the most requesting place of work needs.

Stage 2 - Determining your capacity prerequisites of an air blower

There are two fundamental contemplations with respect to air blower power necessities; deciding the wind stream required and choosing the tank size.

Wind current required

Blowers are estimated in two fundamental manners, PSI (pounds per square inch) and deliverable CFM (cubic feet every moment). These estimations decide the adequacy of the air blower in various circumstances. While choosing a blower you have to recognize the PSI and CFM prerequisites of your air devices. On the off chance that you might be utilizing each instrument in turn utilize the apparatus with the most elevated PSI and CFM prerequisite. On the off chance that you expect to run different devices simultaneously you should add up to the CFM's required by each device.

The key is to pick an air blower that surpasses the PSI and CFM wind stream necessities of your most elevated appraised air apparatus. That way you're certain to not be under-fueled. The best outcomes are gotten when you buy a blower with 1.25 to 1.5 occasions more CFM wind stream at the suggested PSI than your air tool(s) require. This strategy will guarantee the presentation of your air tool(s) will be kept up without over working the blower and losing effectiveness.


Single device use: If a 1/2" sway wrench requires 5.0 CFM @ 90 PSI, at that point the blower ought to convey between 6.25 - 7.5 CFM @ 90 PSI.

Different apparatus use: If you intend to run more than one instrument simultaneously, you should include the CFM of each device together to decide your necessities. In the event that your blower expected to control a Cut Off Tool (4 CFM @ 90 PSI) and a High Speed Grinder (4 CFM @ 90 PSI) you should search for a blower that can convey 10 - 12 CFM @ 90 PSI or higher.

Powermate Air Tools Approximate CFM Requirements

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